Frequency Range
156.025–157.425 MHz
156.050–163.275 MHz
156.525 MHz
Usable channels USA, CAN, INT, WX channels
Type of emission 16K0G3E
Power supply requirement 13.8V DC nominal (11.7–15.9V DC)
Current drain (at 13.8V DC)
  Tx 25W output 5.5A
  Rx AF max. (RX External Speaker) 5.0A
  Rx AF max. (RX Internal Speaker)  1.5A

Operating temperature range
-20°C to +60°C; -4°F to +140°F
Antenna Impedance 50Ω (SO-239)
Dimensions (W×H×D)
(Projections not included) 180 × 82 × 119.9mm;
7.09 × 3.23 × 4.72 in
Weight (approx.) 1.2kg; 2.65lb
NMEA in/out formats RMC, GGA, GNS, GLL, DSC, DSE

Output power (at 13.8V DC)

25W, 1W

Max. frequency deviation ± 5 kHz
Frequency stability ±10ppm (-20°C to +60°C)
Spurious emissions Less than –70dBc (High)
Less than –56dBc (Low)

Sensitivity (at 12dB SINAD) –13dBμ typ.
Squelch sensitivity
Less than –10dBμ
Adjacent Channel Selectivity More than 70dB
Spurious response More than 70dB
Intermodulation More than 70dB
Audio output power
External speaker (at 10% distortion, 4 ω load)
10W typical

GPS Receiver
Receiving frequency 1575.42 MHz
Receiving channels
66 channels
Satellite differential type WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN

Measurements made in accordance with TIA/EIA-603. All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

Applicable IP Rating
Ingress Protection Standard
Water IPX7 (Waterproof protection)

Measurements made in accordance with TIA/EIA-603. All stated specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

Supplied Accessories
Hand microphone, HM-205B/SW
DC power cable
Mounting bracket kit



VHF Mounted Marine Radio

 Easy to use, hear and find with Active Noise Cancelling and built-in GPS              

Output power:  25W
PA:  10W
Horn:  Built-in
GPS:  Built-in

Waterproof rating:  IPX7

Versions:  Black or Super White

Active noise cancelling
The built-in bidirectional active noise cancelling reduces background noise to up to 90% and improves both your transmitted voice and incoming call. Hear and be heard more clearly.

Intuitive user interface
Incorporates Icom’s common Marine Family User Interface design for simple, intuitive operation. A rotary selector and directional keypad provide quick and easy access to the intended functions. The high contrast white backlit LCD and laser-cut keypad match well with modern boat designs.

Additional features
NMEA 0183 connectivity
AIS target all when hooked up with an MA-500TR kit
AquaQuake™ draining function
Weather channels with alert function
Dual/tri-watch function
Priority and normal scan
Class D DSC. Learn how to register your DSC radio - Watch video  |  Download DSC Quick Guide


The M424G is an enhanced version of the M424 fixed mount VHF/DSC and includes an integrated GPS Receiver, which allows current position and time to be used for DSC calls. With its striking white backlight LCD that improves visibility, the M424G also comes with the HM-205B speaker-microphone with a large speaker. In addition, the optional HM-195G COMMANDMIC™ also incorporates a white backlight LCD and laser-cut keypad.